Some Suggestions for Start-up IT Company

How can a start-up IT company quickly find the best hardware solution for their project?

1, First determine the definition requirements:

Work with the development team to understand the performance requirements, minimum configuration requirements and recommended configurations of the software. And record the hardware details such as processor speed, memory capacity, hard disk space and graphics processing requirements required by the software. The following is a comparison chart of the popular Rockchip processors specification in the Android based Industrial Tablet PC series for reference.

2, The second is to determine the budget
Make a budget to find the best hardware configuration that meets the software requirements, while ensuring that it is within an affordable cost. For example, for all-in-one machines with the same processor motherboard, you can choose different shell materials. There are plastic, metal and alloy different material series solution for options.
(you may read our another article about material selection and comparisons
3, Then test and evaluate the hardware device found:
Once you found the hardware device that meets the requirements, you may move on to ask for samples to do testing and evaluation to ensure that they can run your software well. You may also evaluate the price, reliability, compatibility and maintainability of the product.
4, Finally the supplier selection:
According to the test and evaluation results, select suppliers that can cooperate for a long time to maximize the return on investment. You may consider factors such as MOQ of order, discount price, delivery time, customize support,product warranty and repair support to ensure that you can get the best after-sales support.
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